Natuzzi: The Italian Harmony Maker

The book is about the history of Natuzzi, Italy's largest furniture house. Founded back in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi - current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - in a small village in the South of Italy, Natuzzi is today among the largest players in its sector, with seven manufacturing plants, twelve commercial offices and more than 1200 points of sale worldwide.

This book tracks the history of the company, using stories and anecdotes collected through interviews and reading the house organ magazine and the press releases since 1990.

The beauty of the company's history lies in putting its social ethical mission at its heart since the beginning while still adopting industrial techniques.

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About The Author

Luca Condosta

Luca Condosta is Group Vice President Finance at ABB. He has 15 years of experience in multinationals, and a passion for business and leadership. He has written several papers on corporate governance and corporate strategy, and published his first book on sustainability reporting in 2008.


This is the story of the passionate leadership that made Natuzzi the most recognized furniture brand in the world.

Founded in 1959, today Natuzzi is among the largest players in its sector, with eight manufacturing plants, 11 commercial offices, and an extensive global retail network.

Natuzzi addresses a growing need to prepare people for making successful moves. Adjusting to a new environment and culture, immersing oneself into a new life – both professional and private – navigating culture shock, defining and maintaining a sense of home. These and other big challenges are described within.

This is a story of passion, Italian style, and entrepreneurial challenges, as well as how, by striving to create a unique style, Natuzzi has become the ‘Italian harmony maker’ in the furniture industry worldwide.

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The Testimonials

Peter Fuhrman, Chairman, China First Capital, former European bureau chief for Forbes Magazine

“Natuzzi is one of Italy’s most important, innovative and successful entrepreneurs of the past 30 years. This book is a deep, thoughtful and comprehensive assessment of his story.”

Mario Bellini, architect and designer

“Fast, generous, tireless, curious, constructive, persevering, determined, periscopic ... Pasquale Natuzzi is this and much more.”

Dr. Vanessa Brady OBE - International multi-award winning Interior Designer and Founder of the Society of British and International Design

“I have a special relationship with Natuzzi, it is innovative, stylish and relaxed, it has never tried or needed to show off, it grabs your attention effortlessly. This book gives you a full picture of what’s behind it.”

Mauro Lipparini, architect and designer

“Pasquale Natuzzi is a man of vastness of thought, of the power of vision. His constantly evolving vocabulary is made of courage, elegance and efficiency, pursuing harmony in living harmony as a final result.”

Fabrizio Plessi, artist

“My collaboration with Pasquale Natuzzi was unvoidable: it’s almost a biological link, we have a vision of the future that has its roots in a common – ancestral and primordial – origin of our history and culture.”

Alfredo De Massis, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Free University of Bolzano (Italy) and Lancaster University (UK), and Director of the Unibz Centre for Family Business Management

“Tradition versus innovation is a typical dilemma that many family firms face as they thrive across generations. Natuzzi is an extraordinary case of Italian family firm who managed to solve this dilemma by actuating what I call an “innovation through tradition” strategy. This book unpacks the story of the family firm shedding light on the main factors behind its success.”

Francesco Perrini – Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan - Italy

“Founded in 1959 to create high quality and impeccable design by the most expert hands and the most creative minds in the world. Natuzzi today is a unique entrepreneurial way of the modern interpretation of traditional Italian artisanship. In this book its secret sauce is revealed.”

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